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Juneau trooper kills chicken-stealing brown bear
UPDATE ADDITIONAL BEAR SHOOTING IN JUNEAU According to the Juneau Empire, an Alaska Wildlife Trooper shot and killed a charging brown bear last night after it raided a chicken coop at a home on Randall Road in Juneau.  According to an AST release, at 7:51 p.m. Monday a homeowner... Read more
It’s duck time

It’s duck time

Hunting August 31, 2017

By Lee Leschper For those few Alaska hunters not trying to fill the freezer this weekend with moose and caribou, it’s probably all about the ducks. Waterfowl season in most of Alaska opens Sept. 1 and all signs point to another strong early season. Nationwide duck populations remain high,... Read more
Brave 11-year-old stops charging bear; week of crazy bear incidents continues
It’s been another week of crazy Alaska bear stories and more attacks. Thankfully no one has been seriously injuried or killed, after two black bears killed young people in Anchorage and in the interior. Elliott Clark, a young Hoonah boy, prevented a potential really bad mauling and killed a... Read more
Beware trichinosis in bear meat
Spring bear hunters are harvesting some impressive bruins this month. One thing they need to remember is proper care of the bear meat they bring home. Until June 1 Alaska bear hunters must retain the meat of a harvested black bear.  This doesn’t apply to brown bears and black... Read more
Subsistence Board rejects Unit 26 caribou closure; does partial closure for Unit 23
UPDATE June 26: The Federal Subsistence Board  gave Alaska resident hunters a big win Friday.  The Board has decided not to restrict Unit 26 caribou hunting to only local subsistence hunters. Recents hearings to consider that closure drew a storm of protest from hunters who rely on the Haul Road... Read more
Update: Bill to require guides for non-resident caribou hunters dead
UPDATE: We are tardy reporting that the proposed bill to require all non-resident hunters on the North Slope hire a guide to hunt caribou died along with all other pending legislation at the end of this year’s regular Legislative session. Special sessions called and perhaps to be called by... Read more
ADFG Legislative schedule April 24-28
Here are bills and action pending in the Alaska Legislature this week that affect hunting, fishing and wildlife.  House Floor Session Apr 24 Monday 11:00 AM BILL SHORT TITLE STATUS DATE HB 127 CRIM. CONV. OVERTURNED: RECEIVE PAST PFD 3RD RDG, 4/24 CAL(H) 04/19/17 HB 211 NONRESIDENT HUNTING REQUIREMENTS:... Read more
Group sues to block moving predator control back to State
  The Center for Biological Diversity on Thursday filed suit in Anchorage against the Trump administration to repeal recent Congressional action to return predator control in Alaska wildlife refuges to the State. The measure, seen by Alaska wildlife managers as a return to local control, has been widely depicted... Read more
Hungry bears are awake and demand respect
Alaska’s bears are awake, hungry and out there looking for anything to eat. There have been multiple reports of both black bears and brown bears roaming through communities throughout Alaska. McHugh Creek Trail is closed after a brown bear feeding on and guarding a winter-killed moose became aggressive.  Expect... Read more
Bill would add caribou to hunts requiring guides for non-residents
Legislation working it’s way through the Alaska Legislature would require non-resident hunters to hire a guide before hunting caribou on the North Slope. Rep. Dean Westlake (D-Kiana) introduced House Bill 211, titled “An Act requiring a nonresident to be accompanied by a guide or resident spouse or relative when hunting... Read more