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Board of Game says no to feral cats
Friday morning as the Alaska Board of Game wrapped up its week of deliberations in Anchorage, it rejected a proposal to authorize the capture, nurturing and release of feral cats. While the proposers advocated that it’s humane to release cats into the wild, the board voted unamimously to reject... Read more
Board of Game upholds traditional, rejects new tech hunting including cell phones
BOG upholds bear denning, same-day flight regs, bans wireless devices The Alaska Board of Game on Tuesday debated the challenging conflux of ancient traditions and new technology in hunting and wildlife management in Alaska. Wednesday morning The Alaska Board of Game passed an amended Proposal 13, which will make it... Read more
BOG begins deliberations, okays antler change;  sheep, kinship, plane, cat proposals on tap
Alaska’s Board of Game started deliberations Monday afternoon on the first of 69 proposals to change statewide hunting and wildlife-related regulations. The board acted on the first five proposals Monday: Rejected Proposal 1 to change the definition of “take” of a game animal, to clarify that “take” means kill... Read more
Board of Game to consider flying, sheep, kinship rules
The Alaska Board of Game will hold a statewide meeting in Anchorage Nov. 10-17 to consider sweeping changes proposed in a variety of hunting regulations. The proposed changes cover 79 pages but include proposals to change how and when Dall sheep can be taken, rules on hunting the same... Read more
ADFG Legislative schedule April 24-28
Here are bills and action pending in the Alaska Legislature this week that affect hunting, fishing and wildlife.  House Floor Session Apr 24 Monday 11:00 AM BILL SHORT TITLE STATUS DATE HB 127 CRIM. CONV. OVERTURNED: RECEIVE PAST PFD 3RD RDG, 4/24 CAL(H) 04/19/17 HB 211 NONRESIDENT HUNTING REQUIREMENTS:... Read more