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Our Mission Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Alaska outdoorsmen with the information and news they need to make the most of the outdoors in Alaska.

Alaska is a complex and challenging and glorious and breathtaking place to hunt, fish and explore.The challenges are not just mountain and cold and distance, but the variety of species to pursue and the rules by which we are allowed to enjoy and occasionally harves them.

In this era of declining traditional and trustworthy media, who never did a very good job covering the outdoors anyway, we see unlimited potential to provide you the outdoor news you can use.

To keep watch on the regulators and legislators and competitors who decide and when we wil fish.  To provide timely accurate reports on what’s happening in the field and on the water. To speak loud and often in defense of our sporting heritage and our wild creatures. And to celebrate the legacy, the experience and the wonder of our Great Outdoors, as much as the full stringers and freezers.

We embark on this mission with humility and recognition that we’ll never know it all or be the best fisherman, hunter or story teller you know.  So tell us often how we’re doing, where we’re screwing up and what we need to fix.

What you can expect here is the news that you need to make the most of Alaska’s outdoors (and have a lot of fun along the way):

  • Daily outdoor news updates
  • Alerts on government actions that affect your hunting and fishing
  • Chance to win Alaska gear and trips
  • Fishing and hunting reports
  • Member-only deals on gear, trips and travel
  • Insider tips on Alaska where you always wanted to hunt and fish


Lee Leschper is founder of The Alaska Outdoor Digest

He’s a seasoned publishing executive, overseeing newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the United States for four decades.  He’s also a lifelong outdoorsman, combining his love for hunting, fishing and wild places, with a passion for writing, photography and story-telling. He’s been recognized for communications excellence by national and regional associations more than 50 times.