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Rare joint Board of Fish, Game committee meeting this week
 The Alaska Board of Fisheries (BOF) and Board of Game (BOG) will convene a teleconference meeting of its Joint Board Committee (committee) at 11 a.m., December 21. The purpose of the committee meeting is to review and recommend to both boards the necessity of holding a full Joint Board meeting... Read more
Board of Fish rejects blanket salmon closure proposal
By Lee Leschper The Alaska Board of Fisheries on Tuesday unamimously rejected an Agenda Change Request (ACR 10), a proposal that would have required that all Upper Cook Inlet salmon fisheries be closed together–commercial, sport and subsistence–if a salmon run was falling short of escapement goals. ACRs allow the... Read more
BofF to consider Cook Inlet closures on all fishermen
By Lee Leschper Should all Alaska fishermen, commercial and non-commercial, be closed out of fishing when salmon runs are not meeting escapement goals? Specific to Upper Cook Inlet, should sport fishermen and dipnetters also be blocked from fishing, when commercial fishermen are restricted because a run is low or... Read more
Board of Fish meets in Anchorage this week
The Alaska Board of Fisheries will meet October 17-19, 2017, at the Egan Civic & Convention Center, 555 West 5thAvenue, Anchorage, Alaska beginning at 8:30 am. No regulatory action will be taken at this meeting, but sport fishermen should watch several of the agenda change requests, that could affect 2018 salmon... Read more