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Seward silvers remain hottest ticket
By Lee Leschper The silver salmon in and outside Resurrection Bay in Seward remain the hottest ticket in south central Alaska, among a host of great fishing options. Six of us fished Saturday in and around Pony Cove with friends and got 34 silvers up to 12 pounds, plus... Read more
Seward silver action getting hot
by Lee Leschper After pulling a vanishing act in 2016, silver salmon are back in force and hungry in Resurrection Bay and the surrounding waters this week. What began as a trickle of first silvers a week ago has turned into a full blown flood of silvers since the... Read more
Fishing’s trickle before the flood
By Lee Leschper Call it a trickle. A trickle of early season fish that is, that could turn into a gusher any day. Most anywhere you’d consider fishing in Southcentral Alaska this week has shown a slowly increasing trickle of arriving salmon.  From the Valley, south through Anchorage’s Ship... Read more
Combat Fishing troops score on halibut
Despite threatening weather and bumpy seasons, Thursday’s Combat Fishing Tournament in Seward was a big success, on and off the water. The annual tournament is a joint effort of the Alaska Armed Services YMCA and the charter industry in Seward. This year 235 junior enlisted men and women fished... Read more
Governor supporting Combat Fishing Tournament
Governor Bill Walker was a surprise drop in guest at Thursday’s Combat Fishing Tournament at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Walker expressed his support for Alaska’s active duty military, for whom the tournament is dedicated. This year’s tournament is in late May in Seward. Read more
Combat fishing fundraiser Thursday
The fundraiser and auction to benefit the annual Seward Combat Fishing Tournament will be Thursday at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Anchorage. The tournament is hosted by the Seward charter fishing industry in concert with the Alaska Armed Services YMCA. The tournament in late May takes several hundred... Read more