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UPDATE: BOG chooses no action on sheep ban
Updated at 10:10 a.m. Alaska’s Board of Game chose to take no action on a proposal to remove domestic sheep and goats from the clean list, and provide additional safeguards to ensure the M. ovi virus carried by domestic sheep does not infect Alaska wild sheep, goats and muskox.... Read more
Pogo worker killed in third bear mauling in seven days; how to not be next
A predatory black bear attacked two workers near Pogo Mine in the Alaska Interior last week, killing one person and injuring a second. Pogo officials have not identified the person killed, except that it was a contract worker doing geological work some distance from the mine itself.  They did... Read more
Bear kills teenaged runner in Bird Ridge mauling
Authorities are now reporting that the 16-year-old runner mauled by a black bear while competing in a Bird Ridge trail race Sunday has died.–429297643.html The Alaska Dispatch News and other news sources are reporting that a teenager runner was descending the course when chased and then mauled by... Read more
ADF&G suspends search for grizzlies that attacked young hikers in Eagle River
UPDATE: Anchorage police and ADF&G staff members have cancelled the search for a sow grizzly and two cubs that attacked four young hikers near Eagle River Campground Wednesday morning. The hikers are believed to have startled the bears by suddenly encountering them on an unmarked trail. Officials theorized the... Read more
Forget bears–beware of Mama Moose
There’s a baby moose, and its protective Mama, coming to a neigborhood near you. Alaska is in the midst of the annual moose calving season and hikers, bikers and just about everybody walking a trail or even city street might encourage a new moose family. Wednesday night we watched... Read more
Pike tourney targets Big Lake predators
Still looking for that first king and ready for something big and ugly on the line?  Consider helping cull out the invasive northern pike in the valley’s favorite trout lake, Big Lake. Trout Unlimited Southcentral AK Chapter, Alaska Lakes Guide Service llc, Go Fish Yourself Custom Rods are sponsoring... Read more
Wildlife danger on trails and roads is real
I was enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, standing out on the deck as the Papillons did their morning stroll of the yard. Then the pair ducked around the side of the house and started yammering to beat the band.  Since they bark at anything, it’s usually... Read more