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Best weeks of Alaska fishing start now
By Lee Leschper So many fish, so little time… These next two weeks, until the end of July, are the fishing days we Alaskans live for and plan our year around. Pity the poor souls who are working.  For the rest of us, the hardest part is picking. So,... Read more
Shutdown could hurt fishing, hunting
Can you have fishing and hunting in Alaska without a Department of Fish and Game? Alaskans and visitors may find out in a few weeks if the State government shuts down July 1 because of the Alaska Legislature cannot agree on a budget.  All State workers have gotten layoff... Read more
Good start to summer fishing season
It’s the first week in June and if you’re not fishing, you’re probably planning on fishing. Here are a couple of things to mull over while packing your gear. Whether by luck or design, he Kenai early king run is the strongest in several years.  As of Thursday, almost... Read more
Fishing’s trickle before the flood
By Lee Leschper Call it a trickle. A trickle of early season fish that is, that could turn into a gusher any day. Most anywhere you’d consider fishing in Southcentral Alaska this week has shown a slowly increasing trickle of arriving salmon.  From the Valley, south through Anchorage’s Ship... Read more
What’s ahead this week fishing
With a lot of pent up demand for the first fishing of the season, there’s a lot interest in when the fishing will get good. And it is still May, so for the most part we’re seeing the traditional pre-season or early season trend—the fish are still trickling in... Read more