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Where is Fish Fight headed?
Seward silvers as good as it gets
The 2017 Resurrection Bay silver salmon season has been so good it’s wiped away most of the bad memories of 2016. Last year the fish that make Seward’s season, the big hard-fighting silver salmon, never appeared.  Some of the best charter operators collected less than a hundred silvers for... Read more
Lower Kenai filling with red salmon
By Lee Leschper They showed up after all. What was shaping up as the worst sockeye run in several decades is now building to what Alaskan anglers expect and count on.  That is, daily new surges of 50,000 or more salmon per day, so both dip netting and sport... Read more
Seward silvers remain hottest ticket
By Lee Leschper The silver salmon in and outside Resurrection Bay in Seward remain the hottest ticket in south central Alaska, among a host of great fishing options. Six of us fished Saturday in and around Pony Cove with friends and got 34 silvers up to 12 pounds, plus... Read more
Bird Creek bears aggressive, potential danger
Warning to anglers planning to fish Bird Creek south of Anchorage this week:  at least two brown bears have taken up residence in the upper end of the creek and have charged multiple fishermen in the area. There’s an unconfirmed report of at least one angler shooting at a... Read more
Wait for Kenai sockeye continues, ADF&G curtails commercial fishing
Will this be the year the sockeye never came back to the Kenai? Sockeye salmon fishermen on the Kenai River at still playing a waiting game.  That is, waiting for the big surge of late run sockeye salmon that usually fills the river by now.  And fills both stringers... Read more
Best weeks of Alaska fishing start now
By Lee Leschper So many fish, so little time… These next two weeks, until the end of July, are the fishing days we Alaskans live for and plan our year around. Pity the poor souls who are working.  For the rest of us, the hardest part is picking. So,... Read more
Ship Creek king season extended, bag up to two
Ship Creek king salmon fishermen will get some bonus days and fish this year, thanks to a better than usual return of kings, plus the desire to let anglers fish for silver salmon even after they’ve caught a king. Fishing has slowed down the past week in the creek,... Read more
“The dog sunk my truck…”
New best dog excuse story… A Kenai dipnetter left the family dog on a truck parked near the river on opening day of this year’s annual dip net fishery.  The excited pooch apparently managed to knock the vehicle out of park and into neutral.  The liberated truck rolled into... Read more
Big halibut in shallow water
Like Big halibut without going deep or using several pounds of lead? Enjoy this video of one of several big flat fish we pulled out of 30 feet of water in Kachemak Bay this week. Read more